The Company

In 1950, George Katsigiannis left his island, Lefkada and settled in the city of Patras where, for the first time in his life, he came into contact with the art of confectionery of that time. In 1955, with the support of his brother Nikolaos and his sister Triandafilia he started his own confectionery workshop, manufacturing fruits in syrup, supplying the cafés of the city. His venture was successful and in 1966 he moved his business in privately owned premises where it operated until 2006. During those years the clientele increased both in numbers and geographically, covering south west Greece and Epirus.

In 1992, the family’s second generation, Anastasios and Konstantinos Katsigiannis took over the business and they continue until the present time. The 90’s was a decade of growth and expansion since it was then that the company modernized its equipment, achieving improved production both in quantity and in quality. New products were added, such as sugar coated confectionery fruits, glazed fruits, toppings,  sugared sour cherry juice, coatings, fruits in jelly and mermelada. The clientele expanded all over Greece.

In the 2000’s the growth continues. In 2006 the new factory operated in a privately owned area of 8000 m2 , in a modern building of 2000 m2, near the industrial area of Patras.

Today, with several decades of experience, we remain dedicated to producing delicious, traditional Greek confectionery. The KORONA Katsigiannis products combine the traditional way of manufacturing with modern industrial technology, offering high quality.

With the support of the people who work with us in the company, we aim to enrich the variety of our products and create export opportunities.

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